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Flexible, tag-based, adaptable. Easy-to-use mobile app. Integrated device and app data (Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone, Moves, and more). Environment, weather.


Our software detects patterns and correlations, or 'curiosities'—you decide what's interesting or not. Graph it yourself to explore and map your own intuitions. Plot, share, explore with others.


Easy graphical data visualization. Dynamic drag and drop interface. Quickly overlay multiple data streams for comparison.


Find others who share your questions, tags, interests. Post your stories, curiosities, and graphs. Initiate group tracking studies.



At Curious, we believe in the power of personal data and that it should be owned and controlled by you. We will never intentionally expose it, share it, or sell it without your explicit consent. We are the stewards of your data—we’ll hold it securely for you but also make it easy to share, when you’re ready. We’re excited to take this journey of personal discovery together.